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When a payment is completed in the payment window, the transaction is “Authorized”. This means that a reservation on the agreed upon amount is made on the customers card. The money is now available for capture. The possibility to capture the money after the reservation runs out varies from acquirer to acquirer.

Clearhaus states the following on their helpdesk:

Am I guaranteed to be able to get the money when sending a capture within 179 days?

The capture will be processed as usual and you will get your money - even if the payment card expires, is lost or is stolen. In rare cases when the customer changes his bank between authorization and capture, you cannot get your money. The customer’s bank, however, will have to act in good faith and try to collect the transaction before making a chargeback.

Read more on helpdesk.clearhaus.com/faq/

With Nets a transaction is captureable as long as there is a valid card and can be captured up to a year after authorize. Meaning, as long as the card expiration date has not been surpassed, the card has been reported stolen or things of that sort.

Reservation on a customers credit card

When authorizing a debit-card the auth-amount is reserved on cardholders account.

If the customer cancels the order, or maybe only part of the amount is to be captured, the remaining amount is still reserved.

Quickpay can’t cancel a reservation on a credit card, however when the payment is cancelled, it is send from the acquirer to the bank and then it is up to the bank to handle the reservation. For most banks this happens rigth away.

If you see that the reservation is still on the payment, then the customer must contact their own bank.

A reservation will automatically expire after 7-30 days depending on the card.