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Before you get started

Acquirer agreement

A Quickpay account in it self does not make it possible to accept payments. To accept card payments you will also need an agreement with an acquirer.

Can we use Quickpay?

To accept payments online you need an agreement with an acquirer, in addition to the Quickpay account.


Quickpay often gets requests from merchants who wish to sell CBD products, and ask if we support this.

Create Quickpay account

Here you'll find a guide on how to create a Quickpay account and then creating your first merchant-account.

Get started with Quickpay

It only requires four simple steps to accept payments through Quickpay

Integration setup

We probably have a guide for your shop system. Check out the list above and if you find your shop system, follow the instructions there.

Which languages does Quickpay support?

Quickpay already supports a lot of languages - and if you miss a given language, please contact us and we will work on covering that as well.

Supported payment methods

At Quickpay we try to continuously add new payment methods and acquirers.

What is Quickpay, payment service provider, PSP and acquirer?

For a merchant to be able to accept payments from customers you will need two different agreements.


All payment methods

We support all the following payment methods. Learn more about them here.


When a payment is completed in the payment window, the transaction is "Authorized". This means that a reservation on the agreed upon amount is made on the customers card.


Read more about callback on tech-talk/api/callback.


All transactions have two steps. First an 'authorize' where the customer gives the merchant (the shop) permission to withdraw an amount from their account.