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The standard timeout is 15 minutes. You can change that with the deadline variable.

Quickpay API

In this article you can find help to get started with testing out API with Postman or cURL, and some examples in different coding languages.

Saved cards

Saved cards is also known as "card-on-file", "1-click-payments" or tokenization of cards.

Secured by Nets

Secured by Nets is a 2-step-verification system as 3-D Secure, which are already used in Visa and Mastercard payments.

Test transactions

As default is allow test transaction on the account deactivated.

Virtual terminal

The Quickpay manager includes a virtual terminal, which can come in handy in many situations.


Generate payment link with Quickpay

Occasionally you might need to send an E-mail or a chat message to a customer with a payment link which your customer can use to pay an arbitrary amount.

How to use subscriptions/recurring

The easy way to create subscriptions, are with the use of Quickpay Form, through the payment window.