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What is a retrieval request - and when will I be charged this?

A retrieval request occurs when a credit card issuer or the cardholder asks a merchant for a copy of a transaction ticket. The request most often occurs when cardholders lose their copy of a transaction and need it for their records, or when questioning a transaction. The fee will occur whenever a cardholder does a retrieval request at their issuing bank.

Pro tip: If you wish to minimize the chances of receiving a retrieval request, it’s recommeneded to implement several things:

  1. Descriptors: You can implement a descriptor that includes your website’s URL, i.e. “www.clearhaus.com”, which would be quite self-explanatory when the cardholder reviews their bank statement. Clearhaus can also offer Dynamic Descriptors feature, which gives you the possibility of providing different descriptors every time, depending on what the cardholder buys, or from which domain they buy - you can read more about Dynamic Descriptors here.

  2. Contact information: Your customers are less likely to do a retrieval request - or even a chargeback - if they can get in touch with you. So Clearhaus recommends you to make sure that you display both a phone number and an e-mail at your webshop, but you could also implement several other things, such as a live-chat. Great customer services often mean less retrieval requests and chargebacks.