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Payment methods

Using ‘payment methods’ it is possible to set and limit the payment methods shown for the customer in the payment window.

Read more on ‘payment methods’ on tech-talk.

Set payment methods

Shop system

Most shop systems offer a way to set ‘payment methods’ through the shop settings.

Depending on the system, it can be a text field or a selector to select the actual payment methods.

Own Integration

It can also be set by adding the payment_methods parameter on the payment request.

payment_methods = creditcard

Default payment methods

The last option is to set a default value through the Quickpay Manager, in Settings > Integration > Default payment methods.

‘Default payment methods’ is used if no value is set on the payment through the shop system or the actual request.


Only credit cards


Same as writing out all the available credit cards based on which acquirers are used. E.g. visa, mastercard.

Note that Maestro is not a creditcard, since maestro is always using 3D. Therefore it is referred to as 3d-maestro.

Only credit cards with 3-D Secure


Will expand to all available credit cards in a 3D version. E.g. 3d-visa, 3d-mastercard, 3d-maestro.

All credit cards but not VISA or MasterCard

For VISA creditcard, !visa, !3d-visa

For MasterCard creditcard, !mastercard, !3d-mastercard

Above values only excludes VISA and MasterCard, but still allows VISA Debet and MasterCard Debet. If you want to exclude all VISA and all Mastercard, you must add

!visa-electron, !3d-visa-electron or !mastercard-debet, !3d-mastercard-debet

E.g. creditcard, !visa, !3d-visa, !visa-electron, !3d-visa-electron

This value expands to all available credit cards except VISA. E.g. mastercard, dankort

All payment methods except VISA

!visa, !3d-visa

When no non-negated payment methods are in the list, the base line of payment methods will be all those available. Based on acquirer settings, this could expand to e.g. mastercard, dankort, mobilepay

Putting it all together

It is perfectly valid to pick and mix different payment methods. The order does not matter, so creditcard, !visa, !3d-visa is the same as !visa, !3d-visa, creditcard.

E.g. mobilepay, creditcard, 3d-creditcard, !3d-maestro, !mastercard, paypal will enable payment with MobilePay, PayPal and all 3D and non-3D credit cards except Maestro (which is always 3D) and Mastercard without 3D. In this example, Mastercard with 3D is still a valid payment method.