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Quickpay Partner

If you want to enter into a partnership with Quickpay, we have two different models that make this possible.

Continuous commission

We offer a simple kickback-based model where partners get commission for each customer/merchant referred to Quickpay. This is an option for partners who do not want be responsible for the ongoing customer support and billing.

Every year in January, or upon request we pay out 15% of the invoice amount for each customer referred by the partner. We pay commission for the first 3 years after the creation date.

To use the commission model, you need to have a Quickpay account yourself. It doesn’t have to be active, we just need a merchant ID to set as reference. When a customer’s account is live, you send an email to accounting@quickpay.net, where you state the merchant ID of the customer you have set up and your own merchant ID. Our accounting department will then handle it from there on.


As a Quickpay reseller you will get your own interface from which you can manage your customers and their settings. You will be in charge of your own clients and be responsible for the support and billing of them. If needed, we will be available to assist the reseller. Read more about how to create a reseller account, how to set up merchants, pricing, billing etc. in our Quickpay Reseller guide.