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What is a dispute?

A dispute is also referred to as chargeback, inquiry or retrieval happens when the cardholder contacts their card issuer and wish to have a transaction refunded because thay don’t recognize or question the payment.

How to find and handle a dispute trough your Quickpay account

You can handle the dispute under Disputes, where you can manage and represents the handling of chargebacks. A chargeback case is a request made by the costumer/cardholder to get back the payment the costumer have made with the given transaction.

When you are on the Quickpay account, you ca do the following:

Go to Disputes, here you will find the 4 different states in Disputes:

Open - Here you can see the active dispute cases that are awaiting for you to take action on them. You can press Accept and the dispute will move to Closed and if you Refute then the dispute will move to Under review.

Refuted - You can add comments and docomantation and then the documentation will be reviewed and sent to the issuer.

Under review - The dispute case is being reviewed regarding the uploaded documentation and possible comments. If the documentation is lacking, and our agents have something to add, the case may go back to Open so you can take action.

Closed - Here you can see if the dispute case has either been won or lost.

Refuting a dispute case

On a given dispute case page, an explanation for the current stage of the case will be provided. A list of required documentation to be uploaded is presented.

If you are missing a comment, then you can add it under the dispute in the comment box and add it to the case.

Please remember that the comments made are kept for internal use only, they are not sent to the issuer. All documents and statements that you consider important for your case must be uploaded under the Dispute case, upload the required documentation to back up your claim. Please upload your documentation as a single PDF file.

Failing to respond to a dispute case before the due date will most often result in the loss of the case. If one of your dispute has exceeded its due date you can contact us about it.

After uploading the required documentation to the dispute

The docummentation will be handlet and if something is missing you will be contacted or if our acquirer department see that the dispute needs to be refuted, then the documentation will be send to the issuer and the case will be moved to refuted.

Note: Please be aware that a dispute case can have several stages. Depending on the case, you may have to perform some of the above steps several times before the dispute is resolved.