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Payment method

Diners Club

Quickpay gives you the option to accept payments through Diners Club.

To accept Diners through Quickpay, you will need an existing acquirer agreement with Nets (Teller) and a separate agreement with Diners Club.

Contact forretningsservice@dinersclub.dk to get an acquirer agreement with Diners Club.

This new agreement will be added to your to your existing Nets (Teller) “Terminal operator business number”, and you will have to active Diners Club in the Quickpay Manager.

If you have an agreement with Nets (Teller) on international cards, activate Diners under Settings > Acquirers > Teller.

If you only have a Dankort agreement with Nets, activate Diners under Settings > Acquirers > Nets


It will not be possible to process 3-D Secure payment with Diners through Quickpay.

This means that payments where card issuer demands 3-D Secure will be rejected.

Payments under 30 EUR and where the card is issued outside of the EU should continue to work.