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Quickpay integration with TjekVik makes it easy to get started with accepting online payments.

Tjekvik is the #1 provider of self-service solutions for ambitious dealer groups and brands worldwide. We enable dealerships to optimise their processes in the aftersales journey with software and hardware solutions across home, indoor, and outdoor.

Visit www.tjekvik.com for more information about the system.

Tjekvik is the leading provider of self-service solutions to ambitious dealer groups and car brands worldwide. We enable resellers to optimize their after-sales processes with software and hardware solutions that can be used by customers from home, as well as indoors and outdoors upon arrival at the reseller.

The payment solution

TjeKvik’s payment solution is only offered to customers who uses TjeKvik’s software. The solution is a combination of: TjeKvik software

  1. Control software
  2. Quickpay - Frontend to the customer and choosing of payment method
  3. Acquirer - Acquirer between the chosen payment method and the customers bank (Clearhaus, Nets, Swedbank, Handelsbanken)

Future user process

  1. When a car is finished repaired and ready for pickup, TjeKvik sents a check-out code and an individuel payment link. The company applies the payment amount in the TjeKvik software, before the link is send.
  2. TjeKvik sends an individuel link, and the following process is completed by the customer to create the payment.
  3. When the customer pickup the car, it is confirmed, that the money is paid. If not, the customer self gets the opportunity to send a new payment link. Otherwise isn’t possible to get the car key.

The orderring

  1. The store has TjeKvik and already uses the check-out option without payment
  2. The company wishes to be able to accept online payment
  3. The company addresses TjeKvik, to discuss the consumer process
  4. The company creates an agreement with Quickpay(www.quickpay.net)
  5. At Quickpay the company decides which forms of payment should be possible with them. Note that Swish can be a bit complicated, so possibly. grab Quickpay support Att. Martin depending on the acquirer.
  6. The customer creates an agreement with Clearhaus or another Quickpay Acquirer (Through Quickpay, Clearhaus is recommended as an acquirer)
    • Clearhaus can be created through Quickpay dashboard
    • Agreements with other acquirers, contacting the acquirer is required
  7. The company sets its payment terms in TjeKvik’s dashboard
  8. TjeKvik sets up a link with a demo API, so that the customer can send a test link to the acquirer to illustrate the process for review and approval. Alternatively, screenshots can be sent, as well as a copy of the terms and conditions and other requirements such as the company master data. (Cvr., Name, Adress ect.)
  9. The process is approved by the acquirer
  10. When the acquirer approves, a API-key is shared, which is needed in the Quickpay account:
    • The Clearhaus API key can be found in the Clearhaus Dashboard
    • Other acquirers will send the API-key to the company as a letter or an e-mail
  11. The “acquirer API-key” is integrated in the Quickpay system by the company (Settings > Acquirer > Clearhaus or another acquirer)
  12. The company now sends TjeKvik the “PRIVATE KEY” and the “API Key” to support@tjekvik.com (below you can see where these are found)



  1. TjeKvik starts the payment so that it appears via the customer’s dashboard
  2. The customer checks one payment via a fictitious order

Contact informations

If you have further quistions, you can allways contact the following persons:

Please note! Use of the integration is at your own risk, and we only provide limited support on installation and usage of the integration.