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Quickpay integration with TheCartPress makes it easy to get started with accepting online payments.

100% WordPress, naturaly flexible & Scalable. Powerful tools to make your Store Easy and Useful.

Visit www.thecartpress.com for more information about the system.

Integration with Quickpay

Download TheCartPress Module


  1. Upload the ‘thecartpress-quickpay’ folder to /wp-content/plugins/ on your server.
  2. Log in to Wordpress administration, click on the ‘Plugins’ tab.
  3. Find ‘TheCartPress - Quickpay Payment Gateway’ in the plugin overview and activate it.
  4. In the wp-admin navigation to the right, go to: ‘(TheCartpress) Settings’ -> ‘Payment Methods’
  5. Find ‘TheCartPress - Quickpay Payment Gateway’ in the list of available payment methods and press ‘Edit’.
  6. Choose to create a new instance and fill in all the fields in the section and save the settings.
  7. You are good to go.

Module developer

The module is developed by Perfect-Solution.dk. If you have questions or error reports, please send a mail to the developer.

Please note, that Perfect-Solution.dk can charge a fee for support, installation etc.

Please note! Use of the integration is at your own risk, and we only provide limited support on installation and usage of the integration.