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FlexERP has made it easy to receive payments on your Odoo webshop with Quickpay.

Visit https://www.flexerp.dk/ for more information about FlexERP and Odoo.

Please note! Support on the Quickpay integration in Flexerp and Odoo, please contact FlexERP.

FlexERP is your go-to ERP consultancy when it comes to Odoo, a modern, scalable, and fully integrated ERP system for your entire business. FlexERP doesn't just help you set up Odoo; they also provide sharp tips on how to use the system, and they can even take care of your accounting.

The Odoo system covers everything from accounting, inventory management, and production management to more modern needs like webshops, email marketing, PoS, and CRM. Start small and turn up as needed. Perfect for both you who want to grow and you who want things to fit just right. Plus, it’s super easy to use. It’s like having superpowers - you save time, and your customers love it.

Good to know: With FlexERP by your side, Odoo is an approved Danish accounting system.

Visit FlexERP for more information about FlexERP and Odoo.


FlexERP helps you with the setup of Odoo and the Quickpay integration. Read more about the integration on FlexERP