QuickPay employs 16 amazing people in the primary areas of operations, development, and support.

The organizational structure is relatively flat, the work culture open and inquisitive, and tasks are approached in a pragmatic manner.

We value a dynamic work environment and the possibility to expand our horizons.

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Do you see yourself as part of QuickPay? If so, you are always welcome to send us your CV along with a few words about yourself to We will store your request and contact you if we need someone with your skill set.

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The challenges and tasks within operations are diverse and range from simple activities working with the server to an overall management of performance, including PCI certification.

All necessary skill sets are present within the company, providing the secure knowledge that those operating the basic systems are a part and abreast of the rest of the business.


The work and tasks of the developer are primarily leveled at internal use. We set our own deadlines, securing the necessary time to not only complete the task, but to do so in the best possible way.

As a developer at QuickPay, you are given ample opportunity to cultivate creative talent. Rarely is the road to the solution of tasks predefined.


The role of supporter is diverse, requiring empathic abilities and a broad knowledge, not just about QuickPay, but often about our customer's systems as well.

As a supporter you are the everyday face of QuickPay. You get to enjoy the experience of helping our customers and guiding them in the right direction.

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