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After signing up you will receive an e-mail with details about how to complete the registration.

No set-up fee

We are happy getting you as our customer - No payment required.

No contract period

Vi vill hellre motivera, än tvinga dig, att stanna som kund.

Instant set-up

Sign up now, and start processing transactions right away.

Do you have a video of the sign up process?

Yes. Click the link to see a walkthrough of the sign up process

Is it really free to sign up?

Yes. A test account is and always will be free. You will only need to pay when you begin to process real transactions.

How do I upgrade from a test account?

When you want to begin processing real transaction, you will have to select a plan and enter you creditcard in the QuickPay manager.

Måste jag ha ett inlösenavtal med en inlösare?

Yes. However, you can set up your system and integration, as well as perform tests while waiting for the agreement to be finalized.

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