QuickPay API

En väl sammanlänkad integrering mellan system är nyckeln till frihet, behovet av sammanlänkade system ökar ständigt. Med QuickPay är integrering enkel att uppnå.

There are two ways that your system can integrate with QuickPay - either by using an existing integration, or by getting your hands dirty with some code using our API.


Det är i betalningsfönstret som dina kunder fyller i sina kortuppgifter, påbörjar en banköverföring, eller skapar en faktura. Fönstret aktiveras genom att ett HTML-formulär skickas till QuickPay.

Teknisk dokumentation

Mobila enheter

Mobila enheter upptäcks, och en mobilanpassad version av betalningsfönstret kommer automatiskt att visas.


You can change the look of the payment window by uploading your own logo, or change the entire layour and color scheme.

QuickPay Link

QuickPay Link enables you to generate an URL that - when activated - will open a payment window.

It gives a number of benefits including abandoned orders recovery and e-mail channel payments.

QuickPay Embedded

QuickPay Embedded gives you the option of accepting credit card payments without having to redirect to QuickPay Hosted payment window.

The payment form is embedded directly into your page - giving you full control over design.

This is achieved by submitting the credit card data directly to QuickPay who then hands back a token that in turn can be used for payment (one payment only) using our API.