QuickPay integration with Ivaldi makes it easy to get started with accepting online payments.

Ivaldi is a Danish web agency located in Aarhus. Ivaldi offers a user-friendly ecommerce system for everyone. The system includes easy integration to Google Ads, Google Merchant Center (product feed), Facebook Catalog (product feed), Google Analytics and many more.

Ivaldi stands out by being able to adapt and customize the ecommerce store exactly to your needs. As it is you that are using the system every day, the system should fit your work routines. Everything is possible, and because of this customizing is the core of our work. An ecommerce store at Ivaldi also includes free support. You can always call or write and get help for everything technical: We both help you get started and to move your store forward.

Besök www.ivaldi.dk för mer information om systemet.

Observera! Användningen av integrationen sker på egen risk, och vi tillhandahåller endast begränsat stöd för installation och användning av integrationen.

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