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Payments in Denmark are defined by payment cards. Like almost no other country 'all' Danes own a payment card and are confident in using it online.

In the later years MobilePay Online has seen a substantial growth, but it is important to remember that a MobilePay Online transaction is infact a card-transaction.

Included are non-subscription payments from Danish merchants using the QuickPay platform.

The numbers are from June 2020

Payment distribution

Payment cards is the essential payment type in Denmark - remember MobilePay Online and Apple Pay are included in payment cards.

Payment type. Percentage.
Payment cards. 98,45 %
ViaBill 1,47 %
PayPal 0,08 %

Card distribution

Visa/Dankort is a co-branded card specicic for Denmark and is the most popular card currently used.

It is below 2% of the transactions that are completed using a Dankort that is not a Visa/Dankort.

The share of Mastercard Debit's is growing as it is issued as an alternative to Visa/Dankort to especially young cardholders.

Payment card type. Percentage.
Dankort 0,99 %
Visa/Dankort 72,28 %
Visa 7,15 %
Mastercard 6,12 %
Mastercard Debit 13,04 %
Forbrugsforeningen af 1886 0,40 %
Other. 0,01 %

MobilePay Online & Apple Pay

Around 38% of all payments through QuickPay, are completed using MobilePay Online, and are by far the most popular mobile payment method in Denmark.

Apple Pay is still much less used than MobilePay Online, but we are seeing a continuous rise in the adaptation.

% of card payments
MobilePay Online 36,95 %
Apple Pay 0,08 %

Basket size

It is worth noting, that even though both MobilePay Online and Mastercard have a large share of payments, the average basket size are still well below the overall average. The regular Mastercard has a significant larger basket size than the average.

Even though ViaBill are used for delayed and split payments the average basket size of ViaBill payments are not much larger than the overall average, indicating that ViaBill is used for payments of all sizes.

Payment type Avg. basket size
Overall average 712 kr
Mastercard 1204 kr
Dankort 807 kr
Visa/Dankort 724 kr
ViaBill 607 kr
MobilePay Online 548 kr
Mastercard debit 465 kr

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