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Our pricing


99 NOK / month

1.35% + 0.50 NOK

/ transaction for European issued cards

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As you scale, Quickpay scales with you. Contact our sales team for a tailor made agreement.

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Pricing details

Monthly fee Extra transaction fee Card fee
MobilePay logo MobilePay Online NOK 65.00 NOK 1.30 Dependent on the card used
Apple Pay logo Apple Pay NOK 0.00 NOK 0.00 Dependent on the card used
Google Pay logoGoogle Pay NOK 0.00 NOK 0.00 Dependent on the card used

Card fees

European cards Commercial & Non-European cards
Fee Min Fee Min
Visa and Mastercard Visa and Mastercard 1.35% NOK 0.80 2.75% NOK 2.50

General fees

Fixed transaction fee NOK 0.50 / transaction
Monthly fee NOK 99.00 / month
Authorization fee NOK 0.00
Refund fee NOK 2.25
Retrieval fee NOK 130.00
Branding of the payment window NOK 30.00 / month
Set up fee NOK 0.00
Payout fee NOK 0.00
Exchange rate 0.60%
Capture fee NOK 0.00
Chargeback fee NOK 310.00
Additional domains (one included in monthly fee) NOK 60.00 / domain / month
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If you process more than 300.000 NOK a month, you can get custom pricing. Get in touch.

"With Quickpay as our payment gateway we’ve enjoyed the possibility of styling the payment window, allowing it to fit our styleguide