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Quickpay allows you to accept payments with Visa.

The Visa brand is well known worldwide and a familiar payment card in most European wallets. The Visa brand includes both credit and debit cards. With Visa card payment methods integrated in your webshop through Quickpay you are able to serve the majority of cardholders worldwide.


  • Together with Mastercard it is the most popular card for online payments worldwide
  • Most banks and acquirers support Visa cards
  • Improved security using 3-D Secure
  • Supports all currencies

Visa is a credit card, and is one of the most used payment cards in the world.

A combined Visa/Dankort does not work as a credit card, but works as a debit card.

Visa supports 3-D Secure through Verified by Visa.

Visa Debit

Visa Debit is previously known as Visa Electron.

Visa Debit is a debit card, which means that it is not possible to withdraw more than the current bank account balance.