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Quickpay allows you to accept payments with Vipps.

Vipps is a Norwegian mobile payment app. With more than 3 million users, Vipps is Norway’s largest payment application. Because of its high prevalence in Norway it is recommended to integrate Vipps as a payment method in your webshop, if you operate within the Norwegian market.


  • Easy payments through mobile devices
  • Increased conversion rates for your web shop
  • One of the most trusted brands in Norway


Vipps is the Norwegian equivalent to MobilePay Online in Denmark.


Vipps payments are only available with NOK as currency, and the amount must be over 1 NOK.

Sign up for Vipps

Previously it has been very difficult to get a Vipps agreement if You were not Norwegian registered company. But now that has changed. If You have an acquirer agreement with Quickpay, You can activate Vipps with just a few clicks, no matter what country Your company is registered in.

To activate Vipps, simply log into Your account and navigate to Settings > Acquirers > Vipps via Quickpay, here You simply need to fill out the formula, upload Your logo and click Activate Vipps via Quickpay. As soon as the setup is completed You are able to accept Vipps payments in Your webshop.

Quickpay acquirer agreement

If You do not have an acquirer agreement with Quickpay yet, then it is quick to set up to your account. Quickpay has an instant onboarding, that wil make sure that You can get payments with Visa, Mastercard, MobilePay Online, ApplePay, Google Pay and Vipps, as soon as you have committed your application. The agreement does not cost any thing to make and there is no binding period. You just navitage to Settings > Acquirers > Clearhaus, here You will find the application formular.


Vipps via Quickpay has a cost of 1.30 NOK per transaction. There is no subscription required to use Vipps via Quickpay.

Payment method

If You already use vipps as the payment method and are changing it to Vipps via. Quickpay, then the payment method have to be set as vippspsp.


If You have a branding and are activating Vipps via. Quickpay, just make sure that it is the lastes version 2.1.23

Vipps in Shopify

Would you like to accept Vipps payments in your Shopify solution? Have a look at our Vipps/Shopify guide

Merchants using Vipps