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Quickpay allows you to accept payments with JCB.

JCB (Japan Credit Bureau) is a credit card from Japan. The card is accepted in more than 190 countries and has more than 80 million card holders.


  • Can be used world wide

JCB is known for it unique service, and it has made JCB the leading payment card in Japan since it started in 1961. Through the 1990s JCB expanded throughout the rest of the world. There is issued more than 50 million JCB cards in the world.

Accept JCB through Quickpay

To accept JCB cards through Quickpay you will need an international acquirer agreement with Nets (Teller)


It will not be possible to process 3-D Secure payment with JCB through Quickpay.

This means that payments where card issuer demands 3-D Secure will be rejected.

Payments under 30 EUR and where the card is issued outside of the EU should continue to work.