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Quickpay allows you to accept payments with Anyday.

Anyday’s installment payment solution allows you to offer installment payment without any extra fees or costs.

A fair installment payment solution will ensure a great shopping experience for your customers, and will make them want to return to your store.

Your customers pay in four equal installments. Anyday assumes all credit risk and you will be paid out in full weekly.

Anyday is a great addition to your current payment methods.


  • No extra fees or costs for your customers. Ever
  • Weekly payouts
  • No risk
  • Higher conversion
  • Higher average order size

Contact information

Anyday A/S
Mariane Thomsens Gade 4B, 4.
8000 Aarhus C

+45 81 81 61 81
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Anyday - A new way to pay

With Anyday you allow your customers to buy today, or anyday, and split their payment in four equal installments without interest or fees.

Online stores that offer payment with Anyday will feature the Anyday price-widget. This allows customers to quickly see if they can pay with Anyday.

The price-widget secures transparency for the customer. It allows customers to see their payment plan and general information about Anyday before placing their order.

Facts about Anyday

  • Always without interest and fees for your customers
  • Allows the customer to shop for up to 30.000 DKK (min 300 DKK).
  • Increases the average basket size by 40% on average
  • Integrated signup-process through the PSP

How does it work?

Your customers do what they always do. Find their product, add it to their basket and checkout. Upon checkout the customer chooses Anyday as their payment method.

The customer must use their NemID to sign up. If the customer does not already have an Anyday user, they will be walked through a 20 second sign-up process.

Upon checkout, the customer has to pay 25%. This is the first installment. The remainder will be paid automatically over the following three months.

Customers are allowed to shop for up to 30.000 DKK.

To provide the customers with all these benefits, the store pays a transaction fee of 3.95%. There is no sign-on or subscription fee and where technically possible Anyday will gladly handle the onboarding - free of charge.

Terms for use

Anyday does not want to contribute to over-consumption or lure financially challenged people into using the service. Therefore, customers will not be approved if they are registered at a collection database.

Additionally, customers must be 18 years or above, and have 25% of their purchase amount available on their payment card.

Who is Anyday?

Anyday is a Danish fintech company located in Aarhus. Anyday offers a wide range of online payment methods.


  • ALWAYS free of extra costs for your customers.
  • Weekly payouts
  • No credit risk for you
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Higher average order value
  • Free marketing in ANYDAY’s shop collection
  • Free marketing on ANYDAY’s social media

Acquiring with ANYDAY

To sign up for ANYDAY, you can find ANYDAY in the Quickpay Manager under Settings > Acquirers. From here you can apply for an agreement. Once the agreement is in place your API key will automatically be filled into your account, and you will be ready to accept payments.

There is no monthly fee and the cancellation time is the current month + 30 days. The transaction fee with ANYDAY is 3,95 %. This fee cannot be moved to the customer. ANYDAY is a completely fair, transparent solution for the customer and there shall be no extra costs.

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