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American Express

Quickpay allows you to accept payments with American Express.

American Express (Amex) is a popular card all over the world. Amex card holders are traditionally very loyal to the card.


  • This payment card is hugely popular all over the world
  • The average purchase is greater for Amex than any other payment card.
  • Amex is one of the preferred corporate card for businesses all over the world.

American Express (also known as Amex) is a financial coorporation based in New York in the United States. American Express is mostly known for their credit card and where founded in 1850.

Contrary other credit cards, Amex has no credit limit. It is advised to contact the card issuer if you have to capture a large amount.

Accept American Express through Quickpay

To accept American Express cards through Quickpay you will ned an international acquirer agreement with Nets (Teller)

Since May 1st 2009 all acquirer agreements have included American Express. Acquirer agreements made earlier, will need American Express as an add on to the agreement.

To activate American Express in your Quickpay payment window, log into the Quickpay Manager and navigate to Settings > Acquirers > Teller and click the “Accept Amex” button.

Please note

Please note, that Nets (Teller) for Danish customers only supports DKK-payments via American Express, thus you will not be able to accept USD. Similarly, Swedish merchants can only accept SEK and Norwegian only NOK-payments.

Changing currency

It is possible to change the accepted currency. However, this requires that you get a separate agreement with American Express. Once that is in place, Amex must contact your acquirer and have the new currency agreement connected to your TOF number.

It is only possible to have one currency per TOF number and are limited for the currency DKK, NOK, SEK and EUR.

Saved card

It is not possible to use Amex with the Saved card function.


It will not be possible to process 3-D Secure payment with Amex through Quickpay.

This means that payments where card issuer demands 3-D Secure will be rejected.

Payments under 30 EUR and where the card is issued outside of the EU should continue to work.