Our valued customers

We facilitate more than 10.000 merchants of all kinds and sizes - from the small local shop to the large international cooperation.

Every customer has chosen QuickPay as their payment service provider for a reason. Here are a few reasons from some select customers...

We really appreciate QuickPay's no-nonsense approach to things. They are consistant and stable, knows the benefits of simplicity, and gives the highest conversion rate.Jan Oppermann, Markedschef
Stable operations is the most important thing to us. Further, pricing and user friendly administration tools are also key parameters. QuickPay tops the list on all three parameters.Jon Kristensen, BAC
QuickPay has been an extremly flexible and stable partner for many years now. With more than 60 mio unique visitors a year, uptime and performance is indeed very important.Nicolai Kærgaard, Founder
To us it is important to have a well-functioning technical solution, good dialogue and a fast solution-oriented approach. In our experience, QuickPay offers the best of these 3 things.Jakob Høy Biegel, CEO

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