The subscription feature from QuickPay provides the merchant with a wide range of tools to manage recurring payments in a safe, easy, and cost-effective way.

Getting started

Use of the subscription function requires a payment agreement with an acquirer. You can contact the acquirer and have them activate it for your contract, if you already have one. If you do not have a contract, please indicate this when submitting the application.

How it works

In general, subscription payments work by registering and creating a credit card as a subscription with QuickPay and the acquirer. This process is almost identical to a regular payment.

With a subscription, you can regularly perform payment withdrawals without ever having to involve the credit card or the cardholder again, provided that both the card and subscription are valid.

Transfer subscriptions

If you currently use a payment gateway (PSP) other than QuickPay for subscriptions, it is possible to transfer these to QuickPay.

Most often, the transferring PSP can assist with exports of relevant data. If you do not want to involve the transferring PSP, or it is not possible to have the data exported for other reasons, then the acquirer can be helpful. This is a service for which the acquirer typically requires payment.


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