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Quickpay integration with Shopify makes it easy to get started with accepting online payments.

Shopify’s platform allows users to easily and quickly create their own online store without all the technical work involved in developing their own website, or the large expense of having someone else build it.

An advantage with Shopify is that you can brand the whole buying process in your own design. The hosting platform behind Shopify is PCI certified and is therefore allowed to make payments via the socalled Quickpay API.

Disclaimer! It should be noted that the use of the integration is at your own risk. We provide only limited support for the installation and the use of the integration. Furthermore, an integration fee of EUR 0.13 will be added to your invoice.

If you wish to set up a Shopify shop you are most welcome to sign up using our partner program.

Integration with Quickpay

With the Quickpay integration to Shopify the customer is redirected to the Quickpay payment window, where the customer can pay with credit cards, MobilePay Online, ViaBill etc. depending on your agreements.


Read more about the setup in our Shopify article on our helpdesk.