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ELISA by Easy Live Sales is a complete software solution for live shopping on social media. With ELISA, you can let software take care of all the administration during your live sale, so you can focus on your strong suit, selling. All processes are automated and manual work is a relic of the past.

Click here to learn more about ELISA.

Connect Quickpay with ELISA and make sure that payment is easy and simple for your customers when you sell through live videos on social media. With the integration, all payments made during your live shopping events are automatically imported to Quickpay and all data is safely stored. Use you Quickpay dashboards to get the full overview.


Why integrate?

  • Free support from 9am to 10pm (CET) every day including weekends
  • Dashboard with an overview of all relevant data
  • Automatic inventory management so you never sell an item twice
  • Automatic response to all inquiries during live sales
  • Automatic abandoned cart messages after a live show
  • Plenty of integrations to fit your specific needs
  • Huge sales and marketing potential
  • … and much more!

Introduction video


Integrate ELISA with Quickpay

Go to ELISA’s help center to find a written guide helping you integrate ELISA with Quickpay. When you are an ELISA user, you also get access to a video guide that takes you through the entire integration.

1. Create an ELISA user

Not yet an ELISA user? Get started today. It is extremely easy, and you can even get your hands on a free trial. Click here and get the first 14 days for free.

2. Create an API key in Quickpay

Go to your Quickpay manager. In the navigation bar on the left, click ‘Settings’ and then ‘Users.’ Click on ‘Create user system’ and decide on a name such as ELISA and click ‘Create.’ Click on the user you have just created. After that, click ‘Use template’ right under ‘User permissions’ and choose the template ‘API User.’ Check the box ‘Add missing permissions’ and ‘Update.’ Click ‘See API key’ at the top of the page and copy the key.

3. Finish the integration in ELISA

Go to ‘Page settings’ in ELISA, scroll down to the section ‘Payment methods’ and choose ‘Quickpay.’ Give the integration a title and insert the API key in the field called ‘Token.’ Check the box ‘Autocapture’ if you wish. Now, click ‘Save’ and you are done. Great job!


Why use ELISA?

The intelligent software solution ELISA helps ambitious retailers sell their products through live video content. Now, creating engaging and entertaining live shopping experiences is a walk in the park – and it fits all types of industries. When you host a live sale, ELISA handles all incoming orders, replies to all comments in real time, keeps track of your inventory, handles payments and shipping, sends out notifications when you go live – and much more. All without any manual work. Add a new sales channel to your business with live shopping and boost your revenue and reach on social media. Not yet convinced? Look at numbers, they never lie:

  • 2-20x higher conversion
  • <15% average return rate
  • 10-100% more revenue
  • 2-10x more views
  • 10-100x more comments
  • 2-50x more contact time

*These numbers are indicators based on ELISA’s customer campaigns. No rights can be obtained from the above.

Live shopping is not just a passing fad. And with ELISA, retailers are reaching their goals with minimal effort. Do you want to be next in line? ELISA’s achievements since the launch in February 2021:

  • Helped 1,400+ retailers sell their goods live

  • Been voted the 2nd best e-commerce tool in Denmark

  • Facilitated 10,000+ live shopping events

  • Managed 2+ million completed orders

  • Gained ambitious customers in 9 countries

  • Welcomed 28+ passionate colleagues.

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