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Secured by Nets

Secured by Nets is a 2-step-verification system as 3-D Secure, which are already used in Visa and Mastercard payments.

As with 3-D Secure, the cardholder is directed to a separate Secured by Nets view, and receives a text-message with a code. The cardholder fills in the code and completes the payment.

Secured by Nets

Enable Secured by Nets

It is possible to enable Secured by Nets in the Quickpay Manager manage.quickpay.net, in the Nets settings.

activate sbn

Secured by Nets flow

For Visa and Mastercard payments the cardholder is almost always required to go through the authentication-flow (e.g. text-message code) when the payments go through 3-D Secure.

For Dankort payments - if Secured by Nets is enabled - all payments go through Secured by Nets. It is then up to Secured by Nets, if the cardholder needs to complete the authentication-flow.

The default rule from Nets is that for payments on more than DKK 450 and for all new subscriptions or “Saved Cards”, the cardholder will need to go through the authentication-flow.

NOTE: The limit of DKK 450 will be changed by year end to DKK 225 (30 Euro) due to SCA requirements from the EU.

Force payments through Secured by Nets

It is possible to force all payments through the authentication-flow of Secured by Nets, using the payment methods in the same way as 3-D Secure.

payment_methods = 3d-dankort

Likewise Dankort is now a possible payment method if you have a Nets agreement and are using 3d-creditcard.

Fraud Filter

If you use the Fraud Filter, you will have to note the following regarding Secured by Nets.

Force 3-D Secure

The action “Force 3-D Secure” does NOT force the cardholder through the authentication-flow, but as described above is controlled by Nets.

If Secured by Nets is not enabled

Even though Secured by Nets is not enabled on the merchant, all Dankort payments which are forced to 3-D Secure using the Fraud Filter, will go through Secured by Nets. But still not necessarily through the authentication-flow.

Payment status

Payments through Secured by Nets will be marked as having been through 3-D Secure, in the Quickpay Manager and in the response from Quickpay API.

The payments will be marked as having been through 3-D Secure/Secured by Nets, even if the cardholder has not been through the authentication-flow.

If the cardholder does not complete the payment

If the cardholder does not complete the authentication-flow, the payment will be listed under Initial in the Quickpay Manager, with no operations.

Activation for cardholder

On dankort.dk you can find a guide to show the setup for the cardholder.