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Quickpay Reseller

As a Quickpay reseller you will get your own interface from which you can manage your customers and their settings. You will be in charge of your own clients – and we will be available to assist if needed.


As a reseller you are invoiced for your merchants turnover. The montly turnover is calculated using Quickpay’s list prices, and the cheapest plan is automatically selected for each merchant.

You get a substansial discount on the turnover exceeding EUR 175. Contact our partner team on sales@quickpay.net to hear more.

The discount does not include MobilePay Online

Become a reseller

It is free to create a reseller.

If you do not alreaddy have a login to Quickpay, you will first need to create a user.

If you already have a login to Quickpay, you can use the same user to create and manage your reseller.

To create a reseller account go to Create reseller, and fill in your information.

After the reseller is created, it is possible to create merchants and get started. Before your merchants can complete real payments, you will however need to fill in your card as a reseller on Settings > Billing.

Create merchant

  1. Log into the reseller account

  2. Navigate to the Merchant-view in the menu on the left side.

  3. Click Create merchant

  4. Fill in the information, and invite a user to the account if needed, finish by clicking Create merchant


By activating support-mails, your merchants will have the option to send you support mails straight from the Quickpay Manager. These mails automatically include information about the merchant, that may help with your support.

support mail

To activate support-mails navigate to Settings > Account and input your mail address under Merchant Support.

Now merchants under your reseller will have an option in the menu named Support. From there they can send you a support request to the registered mail address.


How and how often are we invoiced?

Resellers are invoiced once a month. We bill retroactively. The amount is automatically charged to the credit card associated with the reseller in Quickpay’s manager.

Quickpay delivers an invoice overview that the reseller can use for further invoicing of their merchants.

Invoice overview

It is possible to get an invoice overview of your merchant usage through the manager, by navigating to Settings > Billing.

Billing amount is based on our list price at quickpay.net/pricing, and the cheapest plan will automatically be selected for the merchant, based on the amount of transactions.

Currency will allways be displayed in the smallest unit. In expamle for EUR the amount is shown in cents. (1 EUR = 100)

invoice_idId of the invoice in question
merchant_idMerchant id
merchant_shop_nameMerchant shop name
currencyMerchants currency
base_currencyBilling currency (Resellers currency)
currency_rateCurrency rate used to convert currency to base_currency
total_priceTotal amount in merchants currency (ex. vat)
total_base_currency_priceTotal amount in resellers currency (ex. vat)
total_vatVAT in merchants currency
total_base_currency_vatVAT in resellers currency
subscription_quantityHow big a part of the month merchant has had an active subscription. 1 = a whole month. 0,5 = half a month
subscription_unit_priceSubscription price
subscription_tax_rateVAT rate for subscription
included_transactions_quantityAmount of included transactions that have been used
included_transactions_unit_priceIgnore (Pris for de medfølgende transaktioner, altid 0)
included_transactions_tax_rateIgnore (VAT rate for included transactions)
transactions_quantityAmount of transactions in excess of the included
transactions_unit_pricePrice per transaction
transactions_tax_rateVAT rate for transactions
mobilepay_subscription_quantityAs subscription_quantity - for MobilePay Online (MPO)
mobilepay_subscription_unit_pricePrice for MPO subscription
mobilepay_subscription_tax_rateVAT rate for MPO subscription
mobilepay_transactions_quantityAmount of MPO transactions
mobilepay_transactions_unit_pricePrice per MPO transaction
mobilepay_transactions_tax_rateVAT rate for MPO transactions

API for invoice overview

On invoicing.quickpay.net you’ll find an open API for getting the invoice overview.