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Quickpay Invoice

The first of every month, merchants are invoiced for their use the previous month.

Where do I find my invoices?

In the Quickpay manager under Settings > Billing, you can see and download all your invoices.

What counts as a transaction?

Invoices are based on the number of transactions going through your Quickpay account each month. What we define as transactions are:

Please note that MobilePay Online transactions count as both a regular transaction and a MobilePay Online transaction.

The following is not considered a transaction:

Shop URL(s)

Additional domains/shop URLs are invoices as per https://quickpay.net/pricing.

Each URL added in the Quickpay Manager under Settings > Merchant are invoiced.

Payments accepted from domains not included in the list can be rejected.

Please note the following exemptions:

http://mywebshop.com http://www.mywebshop.com – fill in as mywebshop.com

http://mywebshop.com http://www.mywebshop.com – fill in as mywebshop.com

http://en.mywebshop.com http://us.mywebshop.com – fill in as mywebshop.com

http://mywebshop.com/house http://mywebshop.com/garden – fill in as mywebshop.com

Transaction fee

On your invoice each month you pay a card fee. This is the transaction fee from the acquirer which we surcharge you.

Contacting Quickpay accounting

If you have any questions about your invoice, you are always welcome to write to accounting@quickpay.net