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Notification email

It is possible to get an email for each authorization on your merchant account.

The mail will contain the following information

Payment details:

Payment ID: 79147088

Order ID: 22110680335

Acquirer: clearhaus

Time: 2017-01-23 08:07:01 UTC

Test mode: true

Method: card

Brand: visa

3-D Secure: false

Amount: 10,00 kr.

Auto-capture: false

Activate notification emails

You activate authorization emails in the Quickpay Manager under Settings > Merchant. Next click Setup event notification. Here you can choose to recieve emails when there is a:

To receive the authorization email on another email-address invite a user with the email-address, and activate the notification mail for this user. Remember to give the new user permission to “See/create payments” in Settings > User > “The user that will receive mail" > Permissions and check in column GET.