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VirtueMart is an open source e-commerce solution you can use free of charge with the Joomla CMS (it also works well with Mambo).

Joomla and VirtueMart is written in PHP and is easy to use on a PHP/MySQL environment.

Read more about VirtueMart here www.virtuemart.net.

Integration with Quickpay

VirtueMart 3.x VirtueMart 2.x


  1. Download the module
  2. Navigate to your administration panel
  3. Choose “Extensions->Install/Uninstall”
  4. Click “Choose file” and find the module you have just downloaded
  5. Click “Upload File & Install”
  6. Choose “Extentions->Plugin Manager” and find the Quickpay plugin and choose it
  7. Remember to check that the Quickpay plugin is activated
  8. Choose “Components->VirtueMart” and select the payment methods icon
  9. Click “New”
  10. Give it a name, eg. “Quickpay” and set “Published” to “on”. Choose Quickpay as payment method and choose “Shopper group” - click “save” to save the settings
  11. Open Quickpay and navigate to “Configuration” - insert the information found in the Quickpay manager under (Settings -> Integration)
  12. Test if your solution works, by selecting an item in the shop an selecting Quickpay as the payment method, if you reach the payment window the module is configured correctly

Shops using Quickpay and VirtueMart



Please note! Use of the integration is at your own risk, and we only provide limited support on installation and usage of the integration.