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Capture flow

All transactions have two steps.

First an ‘authorize’ where the customer gives the merchant(the shop) permission to withdraw an amount from their account. Next a ‘capture’ where the money is actually withdrawed and sent to the shops bank account.

It is not allowed to perform a capture until the order has been sent or service has been performed. Therefore there will often be a displacement between authorize and capture.

If you are selling a product that is delivered instantly - this could be a digital service, such as download - you are allowed to do a autocapture. Using autocapture means that the transaction is captured as soon as it is authorized.


Autocapture is controlled per transaction when the payment window is called. The value needs to be either false (autocapture will NOT be performed) or true (autocapture is performed).

The autocapture is send from the shop weather you are using a shopsystem this option will be in the Quickpay plugin and for custom made you need to send auto_capture in the payments link request See here

This is a value that needs to be set in your shop/integration. In shop systems there is often a checkbox for this setting. If using a form for opening the payment window, the code snippet is to be included in your form.

Autocapture cannot be activated in the Quickpay Manager.

Partial capture

A partial capture means that a transaction can be captured over multiple captures. A typical scenario is when a customer creates an order with multiple products, where some products are backordered.

Using partial captures, you can send out the products that can be delivered now, and you may make a capture for these products. And once the rest of the products are sent out, you can make a capture for the remaining amount.

Partial captures can be done through the Quickpay Manager. When loggin into the manager, navigate to Payments and find the payment you wish to capture. If capturing from the payment overview, click the capture icon to the right of the payment. This opens an overlay with 2 options: “Full capture” and “Partial capture”, select partial capture, now you will be able to change the amount you wish to capture.

If you click on the payment and open it, you simply click the Capture button, and you will be given the same options as written above.

Bank statement

Quickpay does not have any say in terms of what gets written on the bank statement. It is the individual acquirer - and in some cases the bank - that specifies the output.

Merchants bank statement

Payments from Nets are usually stated as such:

“Dankort-salg” “date” “Merchants TOF-nr” “Last 6-11 characteres from the order_id”

Cardholders bank statement

To the cardholders bank statement the “Name” from Company address (Shown under Settings -> Account) and the last 9 characters from the order id are sent. Some banks may choose to accept fewer than the 9 characters.

If you change your company name with Nets, it can take up to 14 days before the banks update their information.

For Clearhaus customers, the cardholder bank statement can be changed by sending text_on_statement with (max 22 ASCII characters) as long as Clearhaus have approved the text on statement for the agreement.

Frequently asked questions

How late can you wait with a capture and still have it on your account the next day?

Nets/the banks aim to have the money on your account, as long as you have captured them by 19:00 (7pm) the day before.

If you want a more precise answer, you will need to contact the acquirer, because it may vary depending on which card has been used and what time the trasaction was made.

We have made a capture, but the money is not in our bank account yet

If the money did not reach your bank account as expected, you have to contact your acquirer. They can follow the actual money flow, which Quickpay sadly cannot.

I don’t get any money into my account

If you are receiving payments, but they do not reach your bank account, it may be caused by a number of things.

Log into manage.quickpay.net, and find the payments in question.

By clicking the payment, you can see additional information about it, and you can see if there have been any errors in the process of the payment. If this is the case, we recommend that you contact your acquirer and ask them why the transaction has failed.

Another possibility is that you have not captured the payments yet. Payments in the tab ‘New’ in the Quickpay manager have not yet been captured.