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Can we use Quickpay

To accept payments online you need an agreement with an acquirer, in addition to the Quickpay account.

Currently Quickpay does not support any acquirers that allow for agreement with merchants outside of Europe.

You can see the complete list of available countries here

Czech RepublicDenmarkEstonia
Faroe IslandsFinlandFrance
RomaniaSan MarinoSlovakia
SwitzerlandUnited Kingdom

Which shop systems can you integrate to Quickpay?

If you are using a shop system it requires an integration between Quickpay and your shop system.

On quickpay.net/integrations you can find all the shop systems that have existing integrations for Quickpay.

Feel free to contact us if your particular shop system is not supported.

Besides shop systems, it is also possible to make your own integration using Quickpay’s API. Read more abouts Quickpay’s API in our technical documentation.

Can we switch from another payment gateway to Quickpay?

Yes, normally it is not a problem. How it is done, depends on your current system. A possibility is to have an overlapping period, so you can complete all pending transactions.

If you have subscriptions connected to your agreement, it is typically possible to move the relevant transactions over to Quickpay, so you don’t need to disturb your customers to have them resubmit their subscription.

Read more about moving and migration of subscriptions between gateways

How fast can we get started?

You can sign up with Quickpay straight away. But you will need an acquirer agreement, to be able to accept payments through Quickpay.

If you already have an acquirer agreement you can start accepting payments right away.

If you have to apply for an acquirer agreement, the timeframe depends on the acquirer. However if you apply for a Clearhaus agreement for Visa and Mastercard through the Quickpay Manager, typically you can get an agreement from day-to-day.