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Acquirer agreement

A Quickpay account in it self does not make it possible to accept payments.

To accept card payments you will also need an agreement with an acquirer.

Card acquirer

An acquirer handles the processing of the transaction with the customers bank. The customers card information is sent from Quickpay to the acquirer, and the acquirer then acquirer that the card and bank account is valid. On a debit card the amount is reserved on the customers account. After the product or service is delivered, the acquirer moves the money from the cardholders account to your account at the acquirer. And in the final step settles the money to your company bank account.

It is possible to apply for a Clearhaus agreement directly from the Quickpay Manager, in Settings > Acquirers > Clearhaus

If you need to enter an agreement with one of the following acquirers:
Nets (Teller - international aftale) Bambora Swedbank Valitor Handelsbanken

Go to Setting > Acquirers and add in the adressbar:

/the acquirer in question eg. https://manage.quickpay.net/account/(Your merchant id)/settings/acquirers/teller

Afterwards press enter and add your agreement.

Multiple acquirers

Not every card acquirer accepts all card types.

However most online card payments are done with either Visa or Mastercard or sub-brands hereof. All acquirers though Quickpay can process Visa and Mastercard. You should always look at your customers and target demographics to make sure that you accept the payment methods they expect.

It is also possible to have multiple agreements on Visa and Mastercard. And if you have multiple agreements set up in Quickpay, the acquirer with the lowest fee for the specific payment amount is chosen for each transactions. Furthermore, should an acquirer experience operational problems the “backup” acquirer is automatically selected to make sure the payment goes through. For example Clearhaus have no monthly fee, and the agreement will only cost you money if actual transactions go through them.

The list prices for Nets and Clearhaus are automatically filled in for each merchant account at Quickpay, and if you have a specific deal, you should update your acquirer fee formulas to make sure they match your agreement.

Other payment methods

In some cases other payment methods in Quickpay, e.g. Klarna, ViaBill or PayPal, is specified as the acquirer.

To accept payments through Quickpay with these payment methods, you will need an agreement with the specific payment method provider.

If you have an agreement with Sofort. Go to Setting > Acquirers. Add in the adressbar:

/sofort eg. https://manage.quickpay.net/account/(Your merchant id)/settings/acquirers/sofort

Afterwards press enter and add your agreement.