Terms of service

The terms of service are valid from June 1st, 2016 and as of this date all previous agreements relating to QuickPay are void. The current prices and pricing structure may be changed at any time with three months given notice.

QuickPay service

Registration for QuickPay enables the customer's online store to accept payments over the Internet. QuickPay receives approval from the respective acquirers, using certified software, and all transfers between QuickPay and acquiring banks are encrypted.

Operation and uptime

QuickPay strives to ensure that payment over the Internet can take place 24 hours a day, all year round, and maintains the highest security procedures. QuickPay is required to be PCI certified at any time.

QuickPay is not responsible for malfunctions, but will try to correct any errors as quickly as possible.

In case of maintenance/technical changes, etc., QuickPay is entitled to suspend the service for shorter periods of time.

The Customer's Responsibilities

Individual retailers are responsible for the software in their online stores, ensuring payment transfers can be made through QuickPay. QuickPay accepts no responsibility for the modules, which are made available free of charge.

Each retailer is responsible for ensuring that payment transfers comply with applicable laws including the rules and guidelines laid down in payment card legislation, registration regulations, and consumer protection.

The individual retailer must make agreements with acquirers on the use of payment card systems, and QuickPay is not responsible for the price setting from the acquirers. The acquirer agreements between the retailer and the acquirer are exclusively agreements between these two parties. QuickPay is not a party to acquirer agreements.

The retailer is obligated to comply with the rules and guidelines stipulated by QuickPay and is obligated to give notification of any irregularities in operation, including any systems suspected to have been compromised by a third party.

QuickPay will not be held liable for losses suffered by the user should other people gain access to the user's password, login information, etc., or if any customers require refund of payments made over the internet, regardless of objections the card holder/user might make.

A retailer may not make any claims against QuickPay due to interruption of service, regardless of the cause.


QuickPay is entitled, without prior notice, to assign its obligations under these General Conditions to a third party.

QuickPay owns all rights to the software used by QuickPay for transfers under these General Conditions, and both parties must maintain absolute confidentiality with regard to information concerning the other and/or third party, which they may be aware of.

The customer shall only be granted a limited, non-exclusive right to use the service QuickPay provides.

The customer's right to use the code provided and other materials is subject to the timely payment of any amounts due to QuickPay.

Violation of these terms is considered a material breach of agreement.

QuickPay has the right, during the contract period, to use the customer's trade names for reference, including in marketing material. The customer may give QuickPay instructions for such use. If the customer expressly objects to his details being used for reference, QuickPay will be obligated to abide by the customer's wishes.

Commencement and termination of the contract

The contract between QuickPay and the customer is effective immediately upon subscribing, and will remain active until terminated by either party.

The contract may be terminated by the merchant at any time. Hence, there is no binding at all.

In the event of a material breach either party shall be entitled to terminate the agreement.

In the event of any breach of these General Conditions, particularly involving applicable laws and governmental regulations, QuickPay is entitled to discontinue the retailers connection immediately.

Automatic subscription renewal

Unless the customer has terminated the contract with QuickPay, or the contract is terminated in any other way, a new subscription period will begin upon expiration of the current subscription period.

In case of a dispute

In the event of a dispute between QuickPay and the retailer, it is agreed that Danish law applies and all matters will be submitted to the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen.

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