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If you’re looking towards Scandinavia to grow your business, you will find that Scandinavians are more or less equally positive towards online shopping. But when it comes down to payment methods Denmark, Sweden and Norway have significantly different ways of how to pay when shopping online.

In Norway payment cards like Mastercard, Mastercard Debit and Visa are the most popular. But besides the usual the three Scandinavian countries have their own national payment methods. In Denmark they use MobilePay Online, in Sweden it’s Swish and Norway has Vipps. Vipps is a payment method through the Vipps app and it can be used both online and offline when shopping.

So even though Scandinavians have a similar online shopping behaviour, every country has its own payment system that you as a foreign business needs to implement if you wish to do e-commerce in Scandinavia.

Included are non-subscription payments in NOK from merchants using the QuickPay platform.

The numbers are from October 2020


In the overview to the right, you’ll find the split between payment distribution in Norway. The split indicates the share of payment card payments and indicates the share of PayPal and other national payment methods. The overview constitutes the total amount of payments online.

Betalingsmetode. Procentdel.
Betalingskort. 64,8 %
Vipps 32,4 %
PayPal 0,7 %
Klarna 2,2 %


The card distribution overview shows the split between different card payment methods. Visa and Mastercard are gaining market share within the card distribution market. This might be due to the constant internationalization where online consumers shop across borders and in that case need an international payment card.

Betalingskort-type. Procentdel.
Visa 71,6 %
Mastercard 23,5 %
Mastercard Debit 4,9 %


The basket size overview indicates how the average order size split between payment methods and payment cards. With bold letters in the top of the overview you’ll find the average basket size in Norway. Now knowing the average, it will be easier to navigate between which payment methods and payment cards you should offer your customers when operating within the particular market.

Betalingstype Gennemsnitslig kurvstørrelse
Gennemsnit 752 kr
Mastercard 1214 kr
PayPal 1011 kr
Visa 768 kr
Mastercard-debet 727 kr
Klarna 656 kr
Vipps 514 kr

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