QuickPay integration with Danhost makes it easy to get started with accepting online payments.

With a webshop from Danhost, Danhost will create a link between your webshop and QuickPay, one of Scandinavia's largest Payment Service Providers. With this integration you can capture your payment from your orders, as soon as the wares has been sent.

Danhost Webshop is a Danish webshopsolution, where the help is never far away. The webshop is attractive among many entrepreneurs because it's easy to get started with, easy to design and very easy to manage on a day to day basis. It's always been a priority of Danhost's to make sure the webshop is SEO optimised, in complicance with all of Googles guideslines for search optimisation and future proof. Danhost is in close contact with all owners of Danhost Webshops to make sure the webshop is always being updated and new functions are added.

Besøg www.danhost.dk/webshop for mere information om systemet.

Bemærk venligst! Brug af integrationen er på egen risiko, og vi kan kun yde begrænset support på installation og brug af integrationen.

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