Resurs Bank

Mit QuickPay können Sie Zahlungen mit Resurs Bank akzeptieren.

Resurs Bank is a listed Nordic niche bank working with instalment payments for detail and e-commerce. Today the bank have 800 employees in the Nordic countries. Resurs Bank offers a standard solution or a customised solution for your customer and market segments.

In your e-commere shop your customers can use Resurs Bank just as easily as using payment cards. If your e-commerec shop has a lot of repurchases, your customers can get an revolving account, which can be used again and again.


  • Makes it possible for your customers to buy immediately
  • Get more repurchases and increase your average basket size
  • Always 30 to 60 days of credit
  • 2 day settlements
  • Zero cost for your shop - no chargeback or transaction fees.
  • Standard or customized payment solution



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