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The European payment overview gives an insight to the European consumers payment methods. As you will notice the primary payment methods in Europe include card payment with Visa, Mastercard and Mastercard Debit as the primary cards. In Europe PayPal is also well-used and can be a supplement to card payment methods when operating within Europe. To gain a deeper insight in the Scandinavian market, visit each overview of Norway, Denmark and Sweden in the drop down menu above.

Included are non-subscription payments in EUR from merchants using the QuickPay platform.

The numbers are from October 2020

Разпределение на плащанията

In the overview to the right, you’ll find the split between payment distribution in Europe. The split indicates the share of payment card payments and indicates the share of PayPal and other national payment methods. The overview constitutes the total amount of payments online.

Вид плащане. Процент.
Платежни карти. 84,6 %
PayPal 7,1 %
iDeal 7,8 %
Other 0,6 %

Разпределение по карти

The card distribution overview shows the split between different card payment methods. Visa and Mastercard are gaining market share within the card distribution market. This might be due to the constant internationalization where online consumers shop across borders and in that case need an international payment card.

Вид карта за разплащане. Процент.
Visa 59,9 %
Mastercard 29,8 %
Mastercard Debit 9,4 %
Other 0,9 %

Размер на кошница

The basket size overview indicates how the average order size split between payment methods and payment cards. With bold letters in the top of the overview you’ll find the average basket size in Europe. Now knowing the average, it will be easier to navigate between which payment methods and payment cards you should offer your customers when operating within the particular market.

Вид плащане Ср.разм. кошница
Обща средна стойност € 118
PayPal € 137
Mastercard € 130
Visa € 122
Mastercard debit € 113
iDeal € 43

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